We all want to be creative and know that our voice is heard. Sometimes it’s not so easy. You may feel frustrated, blocked, or stifled, but this can change today. As we embrace our own creative gifts and act on them, we can make a difference in our own lives, our family, our workplace, our community, and in the world. Yes, the world needs us to be creative, and to look to ourselves as the way forward.

Reboot Your Creativity


A transformative workshop to wake up

your creative spirit:

*with creative exercises, interaction and music

  • Begin to release your judgments & fears

  • Be supported as you honestly assess your creative strengths

  • Discover 3 keys to expand your creative potential

Workshop includes Faith’s complimentary Guided Meditation CD: The I Am Conversations: Meditative Journeys For the Creative Spirit

Raise Your Voice Up:

Get ready to uncover and remove the blocks keeping you from joyful singing and sing from who you really are.

A Spirit-filled Workshop To Release Let Go & Sing Joyfully

It makes no difference if you’ve been Singing all of your life, Or if it’s your dream to begin singing – The Universe needs you to play and sing through so that we may experience the joy of Spirit as you.

Inspired by song, visioning, guided meditations and love, you will:

  • Reawaken the joy of singing and let go of fear.

  • Appreciate your own unique voice and release judgment of your singing.

  • Forgive anyone who has not supported you in singing your song.Learn appropriate voice technique and breathing.

  • Find your vision and purpose to best express your own voice.

  • In this workshop, through connecting to the breath, simple vocal exercises, chanting, singing, guided meditations and interactive exercises you will open yourself to the unique vocal instrument Spirit has given you.


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