Actors, Singers, Creatives- Having What You Want Part 2

I have discovered the essential key to getting what we want and being happy on our creative journey. Here is the quickest route to fully succeeding with your creativity:

  • Get really, really clear about what you truly want

  • Create a fluid plan to get there

  • Take consistent action on your plan

  • Never, ever give up

But discovering and owning what you really want is the first step. And this can be confusing. There are a lot detours and influences that mess up our vision.

WE FALL INTO A PATH TO GO AFTER A DREAM THAT ISN’T RIGHT FOR US. I know that I have to check in with myself on a consistent basis. Is this what I want? I used to teach acting for a very successful acting coach. But somewhere along the way I realized that helping him build his studio wasn’t what I wanted. I was making good money but not really fulfilling my own artistic drive as a coach and as an artist. It took me a while to be honest with myself. Once I did that, I could take the next step and create The Artist First Studio. Watch my video for more inspiration on going after your dream.