Many of you know I’m going through a new wonderful beginning in my life. It began a couple of years ago. It’s been about stepping up, reaching out and expanding beyond my comfort zone. It’s about using all of my talents for transformation and go

od. And it’s been about letting go of things that don’t serve my purpose anymore. So, I’ve decided to let go of the name I’ve used professionally for so many years, Susan Rumor. When I started using it, I was actively pursuing a career in the music industry as a singer. It was my rockstar persona. It was a lot of fun. But my direction has changed and I needed a name that reflected that. I am committed now to fully using all my gifts - as an actor, a singer, a songwriter, a voice and acting coach, a motivational speaker and spiritual mentor to really make a difference in the world. Putting myself out there, and letting people see me for who I really am, with no excuses, is requiring a lot of faith and surrender on my part. And quite honestly, that kind of commitment can be a little scary. But, I believe we all are here to fully love our lives, live our dreams and to be financially abundant. We are artists. We can change the world. So I’m taking on a new name that has inspired me to make that difference. That new name is Faith Rumer. In the weeks to come you will see it changed on Facebook, in my emails and on my website. I hope you will enjoy calling me Faith, because I’m loving it! Have an Amazing Day, Faith (aka Susan Rumor)