Say Yes to Your Next Step!

Greetings to all my fellow Artists and Creatives, Let’s get real. We have the best intentions to follow our dreams- to say yes to our creativity. We’ve begun to set an intention to a deeper commitment to our creative life. It feels good and we know we’re on the right path. Maybe it’s a book or script we’re writing, or we’re aching to work as an actor or put that singing video up on YouTube, or perform our one-man/woman show… to paint, start dancing, perform stand-up or take improv class – We yearn to finally make some money and be fulfilled with our creativity. And then we hit resistance – usually on Monday or whatever day starts your workweek. We get scared, deflated, anxious, and even angry. I know because I’ve felt all of those things. Okay we have lots of reasons to wait until next week to get started. But what keeps you from stepping out and fully following the creative dream in your heart? One of our biggest hurdles - the one I see coming up for many of my clients is this piece of resistance – “I don’t have enough.” I don’t have enough experience – I’m not good enough yet – I don’t have enough credits - I never wrote a book before – I’m probably not talented enough. Trust me, you are enough – you have enough talent to start. I know it’s scary. But here is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Just say YES. Remember the only step you have to take is the next one. Just surrender to the journey and stop questioning yourself. I have a client who wrote, directed, produced and starred in a feature film last year. The other actors in the film were famous actors with major credits in feature films, TV and stage. The film was distributed and won several awards at film festivals – here in America and in Europe. She now has a career as a film Director and Actor. You might be surprised to learn that she had never written or directed a film before. In fact most of her experience acting had been in New York as a stage actor. She is a major source of inspiration for me. She told me – “I just act on my fantasies. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.” The important thing is to say yes. I would be very honored and happy to support you in saying yes. As you know I am expanding my teaching to include a mentoring and spiritual counseling program for you. This month, I’m so excited to offer you an opportunity to sit with me for your complimentary Creativity Discovery Session. In this session, I will help and support you in opening up to how to empower your passion and to trust that you have been given gifts by the Divine. We will have our Creativity Discovery Session via telephone. It will be approximately 30-45 minutes and it is completely complimentary. Not only is this a gift for you, but it is also an opportunity to see if it’s a match - for us to work together. Know that you will be fully supported spiritually. I have been a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Counselor for 13 years. My license is from The Agape International Spiritual Center and my mentor there is Rev. Michael Beckwith from the movie “The Secret” and Oprah’s “Super Soul Sessions”.

In Love and Support, Faith Rumer “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life” – Naeem Callaway