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Faith Rumer

Empowering Creative Professionals & Leaders to 
Raise Their Impact!

Your Voice Matters!


Powerfully Express. Connect Authentically. Grow Your Influence. Change Lives.




Fully getting your talents and message out to the world, and creating a successful life you love!


You want to live an inspired life and make a great living with what you love to do. But you often struggle with self-doubt, fear of  change, constant comparison, judgment, perfectionism and procrastination.

Because you are here with me on this site, I believe you are ready to let go of what's holding you back. It's time to use your gifts, talents and creativity to live a purposeful life...

We all want to be creative and know that our voice is heard. Sometimes it’s not so easy. You may feel frustrated, blocked, or stifled, but this can change today.

My mission is to empower creative professionals, leaders and organizations to find their own authentic voice and Raise Their Impact, so they can powerfully and courageously share their message, and use their talents and creative gifts to positively change their lives and the world around them.

I have helped my clients break through their personal blocks and resistance and illuminate their creative spirit. It is with joy that I watch them fully share their gifts with the world. If you want to experience miracles of abundance in your creativity, work and career, ​there are several ways you can begin to work with me to create the life that you love.

 Here's how I can support you

Keynote Speaker & Musical Inspiration


  • Reboot Your Creativity

    • ​Power up your personal life & work

  • Raise Your Voice UP

    • Let Go & Sing Joyfully​


Coaching with Faith:

Experience the miracles of abundance in your creative life.

Music & Guided Meditations

“Faith understands the importance of working with artists as individuals and pushes for each to reach new and even unexplored layers of their work, which is
golden and a rarity.”


-Kevin J. Ryan (Actor)
Crossbones (NBC)