Hi, I'm Faith. We are to here to access the power of creativity.



I'm Faith Rumer


I am passionate about supporting CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS and LEADERS & MESSENGERS who want to get  their gifts, talents and message out there, make a bigger impact, and generate more abundance in their life by doing what they love.


In our work together, I help my clients empower their passion, find their authentic voice, help them break through their fears and resistance, develop their expressive skills, and support them to use their ideas and creative gifts to generate more joy, fulfillment and abundance in their life, so they can positively impact their world.​

As a transformational speaker, singer, songwriter, life coach and author, I am committed to using my own voice to make a difference in our world.

For over 30 years, I've helped thousands of creative people and leaders. In our work together, I have witnessed their profound transformation. They finally release their self-judgments and doubts, truly value their own voice and gifts, and create the life they want.

Personal Note:

I’m a singer/songwriter/ motivational speaker/ life coach and author, and I’m
committed to empowering and guiding people and organizations to fully use their
creative gifts to change their lives and the world around them.

"My journey is unique, and it is not unique, I have led a creative life as a musician, singer, writer and actor for over 3 decades, and built a successful career as one of LA’s most sought-after voice and acting coaches.

I’ve also been on a personal spiritual journey for over 30 years which has changed everything for me. During my time as an artist, I also found myself diving deeply into meditation, studying body- work, and devouring the texts of master spiritual teachers. I began to trust my inner guidance, and I became a licensed spiritual counselor through the Agape International Spiritual Center, founded by my mentor Dr. Michael Beckwith of the movie "The Secret". That was 14 years ago.

Through this intersection of creativity and personal spiritual growth and examination, I had honed a gift that resonated with the artists and creative people I worked with, some who have very prominent and public careers.

I have helped my clients break through their personal blocks and resistance and illuminate their creative spirit.  It is with joy that I watch them fully share their gifts with the world. 


I realized this is my calling, my life's work. And I have never been happier."

Faith Rumer coaches Academy Award-winning actors, Grammy-winning recording artists, NBC commentators, and world-class entrepreneurs. She has been consistently sought after to work with the clients of numerous record labels, TV and film producers, directors and creative people in all aspects of life.

Faith founded her company, Artist One Productions in 1995. A successful entrepreneur, she owns and operates her voice and acting studio, The Artist First. She has over three decades of professional experience as an inspirational speaker, singer and actor and has built a successful career as one of Los Angeles most sought after voice and acting

Faith holds a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from Cal State University, Los Angeles
and is a licensed Spiritual Counselor. For 15 years Faith was the musical director and co-
facilitator of The Agape International Spiritual Center’s Sunday Evening Service. She is a
faculty member of AMDA, LA (America Musical and Dramatic Academy) and is the choir
director at Inspire Spiritual Community, Los Angeles. She has been a guest lecturer in
professional voice at Cal State University, Long Beach and at LA City College. She received her Music/Acting education at DePaul University, Chicago and Butler University, Indianapolis.

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